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'Ten Steps to Nanette' Book review

Hannah Gadsby

“Ten Steps to Nanette”

Published in March 2022

Like slipping in to a perfectly warm bath, Hannah’s ‘gift of the gab’ mellows your tense muscles.

So much laughter at the heart of her story, and yet so much sadness.

Remembering a childhood is hard for all of us to do, it’s like we’re hard wired to forget,

but Hannah’s details are so specific and joyful in their simplicity.

Growing up gay in rural Tasmania in the 80’s packed a punch so hard it left permanent feelings of shame

and even homophobia. In 2017 national discussions on whether to make gay marriage legal,

never really took in to account the emotional load these discussions had.

That other people could decide your life path, and hold sway over how you loved and what that looked like.

Hannah is a brilliant writer… we know that, from her comedy shows like Nanette and Douglas on Netflix.

But her reputation skyrocketed after her show Nanette went viral in tandem with the #MeToo movement.

It brings up so many painful and confronting, but totally relevant, issues.

I’ve been so moved by Hannah’s story that I now want to keep writing my own memoir.

Honesty does that.

Reading through Audible has comforted me, knowing I was not the only one completely alone in primary school,

with my wrong clothes, wrong accent, even wrong sandwiches. My library-only vibe was going off!

I liked the yearly context given year by year by Hannah with what was happening in the broader community of Tasmania and Australia.

“Ten Steps to Nanette” is a must read for all of us who felt too weird for our stories to matter.

front cover of 'Ten Steps to Nanette'
Hannah Gadsby


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