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Comfort for Every Sorrow

“Segmenting her poetry into themes on The Divine, Nature, Creativity, Intimacy, The Feminine, Suffering, Conflict and Ancestors, Bee covers the spectrum of emotions, fears, and anxieties of human belief and the subsequent consequences and inequality of our inaction. But her poetry also encapsulates the love, emotion, compassion, and at times despair, of the human condition”.

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I’d like to share with my connections that I have a new book of poems and artwork, called, "Comfort for Every Sorrow" as Anne Frank so eloquently muses... “amidst the simple beauty of nature…..there will always be comfort for every sorrow…..nature brings solace in all troubles.” 



to come after lockdown lifts......

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Hi Bee,


Your book has arrived and it’s STUNNING.

Love the cover and artwork throughout.

Great layout and the artwork has given your

words even more depth.

Congrats on this publication. 

It really is beautiful. 

Even better having a signed copy!!

Well done you.

I can only aspire to such creativity.”


Leigh xx

“Hey Sweet Bee,


Firstly I must say a huge congratulations on your book! Last night I sat and read through your poems and was absolutely blown away by your unique ability to articulate the subtle and powerful underlying details of the beauty, love, joy, pain of life and the emotion of whats most precious in this world. Thank you. Profoundly inspirational."