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Immense Sorrow of Stars
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The Immense Sorrow of Stars

‘The Immense Sorrow of Stars’ is a collection of poems by a young woman journeying through self-discovery. Bee Williamson’s poetry is like 
looking into the face of vulnerability, as she unmasks the layers of life’s illusions with raw and extraordinary honesty.


She writes of the bliss that flames her spirit as she inhabits the earth, as she learns the paradox of attraction in her relationship with nature and with love.


Difficult questions about humanity’s future arise to challenge her probing mind while her caring heart is forever seeking to be cradled by Love.


Bee began writing her poems at the impressionable age of fourteen. Naive yet evocative images fill the pages of this book, and are a resting place for her soul, a place her heart calls home. ‘The Immense Sorrow of Stars’ is an invitation to delve into the creative well of a young poet who pours her deep thoughts into the vast pool of mixed emotions.


Even though she may find herself bruised by life or finds love among the briars or becomes lost among little hopes, it is Bee’s poetry that speaks of a healing truth – it is a gracious Love that makes life bearable.


I hope you enjoy the collection!


For sale at for AUD$5.63

Hardcopy, I recommend ImageWrap for AUD$55.33

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