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"... the great book "Torment and Soul' is breathtaking!"
           Professor Jayashri Kulkarni

In 2010 Melbourne poet Bee Williamson set herself a challenge. After publishing several slim volumes of poetry, it was time, she thought, to tackle the big issues in life: God, War, Love, Nature, Life and Madness. As a Café Poet for Australia Poetry Ltd, she’d sit down with her café latte at the cosy Pheast48 in Armadale to write a new suite of poems that would form the backbone of Torment & Soul. In this new work, which intersperses the poetry with intimate drawings of her loved ones, she shares her poetic vision of the world, speaking with her innermost voice and the voice of nature. Included in this collection are earlier poems from her student years at the VCA and other poems written during periods of mental illness. Rich in imagery and with a spiritual alchemy that draws on every faith from Sufi to Aboriginal, Torment & Soul is a visionary and sensual feast, both uplifting and challenging.



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Naomi Downie's comments:

Been drinking in your book. Saturday escaped the heat & found a cool breeze on a rooftop bar where l read ur poetry & drank water listening to folk bands play the summer sounds. Only love u more now.  After l finished reading the book.  I am very taken by the b&w sketches with words - very effective & appealing..  You have set a new bar for me with T&S. It is a large, full, adult work. A cannon of poetry like Ezra Pound. This is a very elegant book. It has encouraged me to respect my self more too. T&S is a seering commentary, a fierce voice crying from the desert of our heartland.  Your own poetry books have set new high standard for women poets & artists. I hope one day to reach myself. Torment & soul carried many poems l knew of yours or subjects l knew u were passionate about. But the depth of your concern for the land & indigenous people were unexpected. The joys too of moments with nature were most moving. B&W - perfect choice. I liked the colour of my Zine is was in keeping with jazz etc. But b&w lends itself to architecture of thought, reasons & ideas. Framed the poems well.

Name : Turiya Bruce
Location : Byron Shire
Title : "Torment and Soul"
Review : Bee is well qualified to express poetry and art. She comes from an esteemed lineage that originated from England. Her words are weaving wonder and rawness grappling with the stuff of life in an elegant flow. Unapologetic in her loves and deep feelings, at once ecstatically transcendent and shadow dancing in dark memoirs. You will be moved and glad to have this book in your collection.

Name : Christie 
Location : Perth
Title : Hauntingly beautiful 
Review : "Torment & Soul" is a beautifully written anthology of poems and artwork that makes the reader feel like they are fallen into the skin of the poet. We are taken through the fragile and raw complexity of memory and contemplation of themes both personal & universal always leaving one with a sense of hope, wonder & beauty. I particularly love A Dress Dripping with Stars & And The Bird Said. 

Name : Brenda

Location: United Kingdom 
Review : Bee Williamson's way with words is hard to describe apart from sensitive, aware and can carry you to a inner place of experience ... love her work and art. 

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