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Nature - a gift

Written, designed and illustrated book of nature poems and botanical illustrations by me. Written in 2010 during residency as Cafe Poet at Pheast48 in Armadale, with Australian Poetry Ltd. available at BookPOD bookstore.


This book contains a collection of nature poems and art work, lovingly designed and crafted by Melbourne-based artist, Bee Williamson.

The work huddles around her love of Nature, where she finds peace, joy and the inspiration to write and draw, deep within the source and solace of nature's gentle hand. Her grandfather, acclaimed nature writer Henry Williamson, encouraged Bee, through his undeniable spiritual presence, to reveal her deep expression and concerns within this work, her second published book, 'Nature, a gift'.

The simple things of life matter to Bee – her soul embracing the beauty of a seed, a flower, a tree, a bird. This work is offered as a gift to the reader, an invitation to reveal in simplicity where one can find a warm earthly heart beating: cushioned from modernity.

Published in November 2011



The poems are wonderful. So many we can identify with. The introduction should be front page reading every week in every newspaper and fashionable magazine until people "get it!'
I really liked that.

Hilton in NZ

Thank you so much for sending us a copy of Nature-A Gift, really enjoy your poems. An insight into how others see life of various kinds.

Melva in NZ

I cannot really express how wonderful your book is. I read "Trees- Destiny Entwined" and had goose bumps - it moved me so much. "We are mother and child" brought tears to my eyes ( I am a softie!) Brilliant words and illustrations in all of your poems.

Jayashri Kulkarni
Professor & Director
Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre (MAPrc)




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