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Bee Williamson is a poet, artist and designer. In 2011 she set up her own publishing company, Bee’s Boutique Books. Since then, she has written and designed more than twenty books. These include Maribel Steel’s "Blindness for Beginners" and "My Mother’s Harvest" and Bee’s own poetry books, "The Hidden Self", "Nature – a gift", "Torment & Soul" and "Comfort for Every Sorrow".


Her poems have been published in "Ricochet" and "Woman’s Word" and photographs and poems published in Vineleaves Journal and in Poetic Christi Press’s publications, "Reflecting on Melbourne", "Everyday Splendour", "Wonderment" and "Hope Whispers". 


Bee was a poetry reader for Overland literary journal for seven years. She is also a lived experience consultant for Swinburne and Monash Universities, including for MAPrc and the new HER Centre.

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