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I Heard the Voice of the Ocean

I wrote this 200 page poem in the year 2000. The same year I had a spiritual awakening. It is a long meditation written in conversation with the Great Spirit of the Ocean…You can enjoy dipping in and gleaning small pearls of wisdom. It is a gift from a higher power.


I wrote the Wave Poem over a period of a year. It has sat, gathering dust with my journals and other half finished novels and poems all this time. And I wanted to see it come to the light. I wanted to feel a beautiful proper book in my hands. I wanted to be able to give a copy to a select few.

This book was written in dictation from the sound of the ocean, via a cd my father, Harrry Williamson made called, "The Seadrone". It is a beautiful recording of Tasmania's untouched wilderness. 


Available as an ebook for AUD$8.45

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