December 12, 2019

do we have soft, faces of gold

and hearts warm in our chest

I’m seeking comfort

from the tyranny

of denial

As the smoke and ash blanket


we are told not to be alarmed

as our collective asthmatic lungs fill with

liquid black inky tears

from my mothers generation

that fought...

August 4, 2019

We have not water to drink

29 July 2019

We have not water to drink

Nor food to eat

As we waste every precious morsel

Of Land and Sea

This time in ten years

May be the climate catastrophe

If we can turn back

The melting, belching permafrost

the Alaskan wild-fires

the landslides th...

August 4, 2019

here reading my favourite poem, "Wild Within Wild" from our book launch in 2009. Thanks Naomi Downie. This short doco was in Schizy Inc's Mojo Film Festival, 2019.

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December 12, 2019

August 4, 2019

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