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We have not water to drink

We have not water to drink

29 July 2019

We have not water to drink

Nor food to eat

As we waste every precious morsel

Of Land and Sea

This time in ten years

May be the climate catastrophe

If we can turn back

The melting, belching permafrost

the Alaskan wild-fires

the landslides that cover citys

in Asia

as all the forests have been bulldozed

to make way for palm oil,

desired but soon expendable

so to is the fracking mess

when all of America shreaks

as the earth beneath boils

and all the rivers flame

will that be enough

to line your pockets?

Will you give me your plastic paper

and say here's 'compensation'

Knowing full well

The floods to come

Will never be covered on tv, as they cover

All of Us

on every coast line ...

(poem continues for another page or so)

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